A Custom project begins as a collaboration between builder, designer and craftsmen. We use state of the art software to provide a conceptual rendering of your project to enhance visualization of the final product. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

Veneer Samples —

Rings of Wood uses some of the most exotic woods available worldwide. Our craftsmen employ time-honored book-matching and butt-matching veneer techniques for a seamless and consistent look for your project. Make an appointment to come into our office and look at our wide range of natural and treated veneer samples.
Veneer SampleVeneer Sample


Glass and Metal —

From exotic woods to tinted cracked class, copper, steel, cold spray metal plating, aluminum, gold and silver leaf, we can incorporate a diverse range of materials into your project. Whether it be a faux finish with a gold leaf accent or a dinning room table with a ribbon inlay of metal in a painted top to entire walls of treated copper panels, Rings of Wood excels at matching disparate materials seamlessly.
Glass SampleMetal Sample


Paints and Clears —

We pride ourselves on being great finishers. A project isn’t complete without a great finish. We use only the best pigmented lacquers, varnishes, automotive acrylics and urethanes. We have recently begun incorporating a superior water-based lacquer which exceeds all government standards for a “green” finish.
Paints & Clears SamplePaints & Clears Sample